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Create a More Efficient, Agile Organization

Healthcare organizations today have to do more than deliver exceptional patient care. You’re responsible for collecting, storing, and protecting a vast amount of data—efficiently and affordably. You’re responsible for keeping pace with the technology needs and preferences of an increasingly app friendly, consumer-driven world—on top of the mission critical data and applications. And you’re responsible for supporting every new demand while making certain your infrastructure and software perform optimally at all times. We can help.
Create a More Efficient, Agile Organization

Modernize Your Data Center

The traditional model of the data center is outdated. To support the applications, tools, and performance levels being asked of your healthcare IT organization, you need to take advantage of the latest technologies—that means converged and hyper-converged infrastructure, private cloud, and software-defined methodologies. Our qualified experts have experience implementing a breadth of data center solutions for customers of all sizes across diverse industries.

Healthcare Network

As more and more sophisticated, computerized medical devices and equipment find their way into hospitals and doctors’ offices, network availability and security take on even greater importance. Both wired and wireless networks need to be designed for the high-availability needs of healthcare, and the increasing number of mobile devices on the network places a special emphasis on wireless security. Addressing HIPAA privacy compliance and protecting confidential data are crucial tasks for IT administrators at clinics and hospitals.

Healthcare End-User Computing and Mobility

Extend your on-premises IT infrastructure and deliver the mobile experience that today’s healthcare workers require. We can help you support the end-user computing (EUC) and mobility needs of a healthcare workforce increasingly on the go.

Our experts can help ensure you have the necessary network infrastructure and processes in place to secure the data on each device and to reduce unnecessary or unacceptable risk to your organization. Whether your requirements are small or large, we can help you develop the right solution with products and services best suited for your environment.

Healthcare Software Licensing

No matter the size of your healthcare organization, you could likely use some help to sort through complex licensing agreements, identify the most economical licensing programs for your particular situation, and stay on top of maintenance and renewal costs.

Connection has qualified experts and decades of experience to help you build the right software solution for your organization.

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