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Geography can be one of the biggest obstacles to high quality patient care. Whether in a city or a rural location, it can be challenging for patients to connect with the medical care they need, particularly if they require specialty services or have a chronic illness. With telehealth technology solutions, medical professionals can deliver primary and speciality care regardless of location—as well as collaborate with other health personnel. Additionally, they can utilize the technology to continue their education and training.


Our experts can assist with all aspects of your telehealth strategy, delivering advanced technology solutions and services across key areas, including:

  • Unified Communications—Create or expand your telehealth services with physician-to-physician videoconferencing and clinician-to-patient conferences over secure high-speed IP networks
  • Network Services—Gain a comprehensive understanding of your current network infrastructure and identify network issues
  • Video Assessment Service—Determine if your network is ready to support the real-time traffic and Quality of Service (QoS) necessary for applications
  • Security Services—Address security and patient privacy concerns

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You need an innovative health IT infrastructure to support your telehealth technology solutions.

Connection can help you eliminate technology barriers by improving your network performance and ensuring you are ready to support voice and video, while addressing security and patient privacy.

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