Simplify Your Cellular World

The business environment as it exists today requires speed and accessibility. Being able to reach someone on their cell phone isn’t always enough; professionals also need access to their internal systems and email. The new connectivity requirements that businesses face are driving companies, schools, and government institutions alike to seek solutions to keep their personnel constantly connected through voice and data-capable devices. We can walk you through the steps to get your cellular solution up and running.

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Our account managers have access to cellular mobility experts who will work to understand the unique mobility needs of your organization. We can evaluate and configure the hardware, service, software, and technical support solutions that fit your budget and application. Whether it’s smart phones, notebooks, or tablets, we can get you connected.

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Whatever the hardware, BlackBerry(tm), HTC, or others, we have the carrier that works best for your coverage area, including AT&T, and T-Mobile. Add data plans to select Gobi-enabled HP and Lenovo notebooks with no additional hardware.


The choice is yours when it comes to billing – receive your billing and overage charges monthly, quarterly, or annually. Allow others in your organization to view, manage, and order cellular lines through CellManage, your secure web portal. Contact your account manager today for a demonstration on streamlining your cellular asset deployment.


There are some very big challenges that come with mobile solutions. How do you efficiently handle the time consuming chore of budgeting, auditing, and paying monthly bills for all the lines? Or worse, how do you deal with tracking and moving assets within your organization? Let us address all of your cellular headaches. Track, manage, and deploy multiple lines on multiple carriers with your own online portal.

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