Internet Business Accounts

Complete Purchasing Control

Unlock the full power of our B2B Web site and enjoy special pricing with an Internet Business Account (IBA). IBAs are designed exclusively for business, government, and education IT purchasing professionals. An IBA will make your purchasing easier and help you implement stronger controls over the IT purchasing process in your organization.

Powerful and Flexible

Only an Internet Business Account gives you access to all of the features of our website and the assistance of a dedicated Account Manager. Here's just a sampling of the powerful features and benefits you and your staff will enjoy when you open an Internet Business Account:

  • 24/7 access to your personalized account
  • Account-specific, special pricing
  • Order from custom online product catalogs
  • Request a quote from your Account Manager online
  • Online approval process
  • Order Tracking and Purchase History reporting
  • Online invoicing/proof-of-purchase
  • Advanced search features to find the products you need quickly and easily
  • Access to a dedicated Account Manager and technical specialists
  • Save shopping carts and lists of frequently purchased products

The IBA offers secure, centralized control over the purchasing process. You can establish user groups with customized purchasing limits and access rights, and review and approve company-wide orders from your desktop. Your IBA can also be integrated seamlessly with internal procurement systems, such as Ariba, Commerce One, and Oracle.

    How to Get Started

    If you already have an Account Manager, call today for information about setting up an account.

    If you're new to Connection, contact us today:

    Business customers:
         Connection Corporate Sales, 1-800-800-0014

    Public sector customers:
         Connection Federal Government Sales, 1-800-998-0009
         Connection State & Local Government Sales, 1-800-800-0019
         Connection K-12 & Higher Education Sales, 1-800-800-0019